Performing an inventory on the handheld

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  • From the LEVEL home screen, make sure you are in the
    correct branch and select “Inventory”.


  • From here, you are able to either begin a new inventory, or continue a Saved
    • To begin a new Inventory, verify the date and Branch, and select “Start”.
    • To continue a Saved Inventory, select the Inventory from the list, and select

  • Be sure “Partial Inventory” is selected. If this is not selected, any items you
    count will be entered as the ONLY items in that branch at the time of the
    Inventory. This is only to be used for FULL COUNTS of entire warehouses.


  • From the Scanning screen, you will be able to pull up items by either
    scanning the barcodes or searching for the items with “Search Items”
    at the bottom of the screen.
  • From here, you can also verify that your scanner is currently
    connected and turned on with the icon in the
    middle of the screen.


  • Once you have scanned an item, your Handheld will bring up all available sizes for
    that item.
    • Select the size you wish to enter.
    • To enter the number of items, you can either ad the “Size Count”, which will
      give the total number of that size counted for that day, or you can use “ADD
      to Count”, which will add the number entered to the running total for this
    • Once you have completed this step, select “Save” and scan your next item.
    • Repeat these steps until you have completed counting your section.