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In the Lightspeed FastTrack select tab operators will select the order list which will be picked on the light system

Order Date

This date correlates with the order date for all orders that have been downloaded to Lightspeed from all integrated order providers.

Route Selection

The route list shows all active routes in the Lightspeed database. Each route lists the total number of order for the given date as well as the number of completed orders assigned to that route.
To select routes to be picked complete the following:

  1. Highlight the desired route
  2. Bring the route to Selected Route(s)
    1. Double Clicking route
    2. Single arrow to add one route
    3. Double arrow to select all available routes

Estimate Picking Time

After all desired routes have been added to the Select Routes list the operator can estimate the picking time for all selected orders.
This feature uses the 'Pick Incentive time' to calculate pick speed by total picks per hour per person using the Lightspeed FastTrack system.

Start Picking

Once all routes have been selected pressing 'Start Picking' will send all orders to the lights and automatically move the the pick orders tab.
•Check for additional orders - If necessary this process checks for any available orders on all selected routes