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Lightspeed FastTrack offers the ability to account for all returns that are returned into the picking zone

Lightspeed Calendar

Using the Lightspeed Calendar the operator can select the PICKING date for orders

Route List

The route list shows all active routes that are being used in the Lightspeed database

Product List

Once the return process has begun all products that were picked for that route on a given day will be displayed

•Each product will show its corresponding light that is lit on the pick line
•Ordered quantity and Picked quantity are both totals that were processed on the pick line for the selected day
•All Returned quantities begin with the quantity of '0' until receiving the return value inputted through the FastTrack line.


  1. How to begin processing returns
    1. Select the desired Picking Date from the Lightspeed calendar
    2. Select the route to process returns into the warehouse
    3. Select 'Get Product List' to activate product lights
  2. How to enter returns
    1. Sort each product into the associated location
    2. Dial the product light up to the needed quantity that has been returned
    3. When all products have been sorted confirm all lights to end the returns for the selected route