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Current Route List

The route list displays all routes that are currently selected for picking.
•All routes with picking completed will be displayed in Red Strikethrough
•All routes are yet to be complete will be displared in Green Text

Order List

The order list displays all individual orders that are associated with the selected route groups. All orders show the color that will be displayed on the product lights when the order is loaded from the queue. All order information is pulled directly from all order providers to be displayed in the same fashion.

Order Information displayed includes:

•Machine Code
•Associated Route
•POS Description
•POS Code

Lightspeed specific information for each order includes:
•Printed - Check box checks once printed
•Picking - Check box un-checks once completed
•Pick Time - Total time an individual order took for completion
•Printed Date - Time stamp for each order to show exact completion time

Product List

Without input the product list will be live and automatically selects the order that is currently being picked. An operator can choose any order in the list to view if needed.
The product list shows all items included in a given order. Each item is displayed in the color that will be lit on each product light during picking.

Once the product has been picked:
•The product is marked with Strike Through
•The picked quantity is updated with the quantity confirmed from product light
•The 'Light' field is grayed from its original color to show the light has been turned off

Other data displayed:
•Product description from provider
•Product code from provider
•Ordered quantity
•Employee name - If pick tracking is turned on for employees


•Swap Product

While any order is in the queue or actively picking a live product swap can be made.
•Highlight any product that included in a picking order and select 'Swap Product'
•A product list of all items that are currently mapped in the zone will appear
•Select the desired product using the 'starts with' or 'contains' functions
•Confirm the change by selecting 'OK'

•Cancel Order

The selected order is cancelled in the picking program. The order is still intact in the Lightspeed database but skipped in the round of picking

•Cancel All Orders

All orders that are currently in the picking status will be stopped and cancelled. All orders can be restarted at anytime.

•Pick Order

Any order that has been cancelled can be highlighted and then the 'Pick Order' function we begin the pick process be adding the order back to the end of the queue.

•Print Tote Ticket

After highlighting a desired order a tote ticket can be reprinted or the tote quantity can be adjusted by using the + or - selections to adjust the quantity before selecting the 'Print tote Ticket' button

•Print Route Summary

Any short route summary can be reprinted once the route has been picked by highlighting the needed route in the Current Route List and selecting the 'Print Route Summary' button

•Pause Timer Clock

After the first product has been confirmed the timer clock begins to run. At any point the timer clock can be paused for any reason by selecting 'Pause Timer Clock'. Once the next product is confirmed on the pick line the timer clock will resume.