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•Lightspeed Lightguard gives the operator the ability to create order in the case of the inability to connect to the order provider
•Lightguard uses the last 12 weeks of pick information to assist in order creation
•The operator has the ability to pick and choose which location need to be visited based on the number of visits on a given day of the week for each location

LightGuard Settings

All settings have been configured by your Lightspeed project manager if needed during installation
To begin using Lightguard Rescue the operator must check the box for Turn on LightGuard EMERGENCY MODE

LightGuard Rescue

To create emergency orders through LightGuard Rescue the following steps must be taken:

  1. Select the target order date for order to be created
  2. Select the route to create emergency orders
  3. Select the appropriate machines to create emergency orders using the following information
    1. Customer Name
    2. Location Name
    3. Machine Description
    4. Machine Category
    5. Number of Visits in the 12 week span
    6. First and Last Visit
  4. Select the desired locations to have orders created using the check boxes on left
  5. Select Next to Continue
  6. Lightspeed will ask to verify the Route, Order Date and Machines selected before committing the orders to the database