Managing items

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Items creation is handled by your Provider. Items are then manually entered into LEVEL during installation and, from there, you are able to manage the
information associated with each item.

  • From the Data Management tab, select
    “Item Management”.
  • From the dropdown on the left, you can select an item
    to manage.
    • You can use the dropdown or start typing the item
      name in the blank space.
    • To narrow your search, you can choose a specific
      Vendor from the Vendor dropdown.
  • Once you have selected your item, the Item Details will
    display on the right. From here, you can manage all
    aspects of your item, including choosing whether the
    item is Active or not, assigning the Manufacturer,
    assigning the *Product Cost, Product Code, Shelf Life,
    and Minimum Remaining Shelf Life.
  • From the three dark blue buttons in the middle of the
    Item Details section, you can run a Cost History report,
    view and assign Sizes and IDs, and control various item
    specific Options.