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(Pick Incentive Time)
(Pick Incentive Time)
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## Enter your “Target Items-Per-Hour (Per Person)” and “Current Number of People in this Zone”.
## Enter your “Target Items-Per-Hour (Per Person)” and “Current Number of People in this Zone”.
## Click Save
## Click Save

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Map Products to Lights

Mapping Products to Lights assigns an individual product code to each light in the Lightspeed FastTrack system To map all necessary products to lights complete the following:

  1. After selecting 'Map Products to lights' the operator will select the needed pickign zone
    • Only applicable if multiple FastTrack pick zones are used
    • Lightspeed will automatically select the zone if one zone is in use
  2. Using the following information select the needed product light
    • Gateway ID
    • Tag Address
    • Current Product
    • Rack Section
  3. Select 'Edit' to adjust the given product light
  4. Search for the needed product to be assigned using the following
    • Scroll to product description
    • Clicking into the drop down box and typing the product description
  5. When the needed product has been selected choose 'Update' at the right to confirm the selection

Map Products for Mobile

Mapping products for mobile through the administrator page gives the operator the ability to see all racks and sections to adjust all product locations

  1. Select the needed mobile picking zone
    • If only one mobile picking zone the zone will be automatically selected
  2. Using the pick zone diagram find the necessary section to expand
    • Expanding a section displays all rows and locations available
  3. Select the product location to be adjusted
  4. Use the product selection dialog box to assign the new product
  5. Commands include:
    1. Save
      • Save the adjusted product
    2. Print/Save
      • Print product label from receipt printer and save changes
    3. Print
      • Print product label from receipt printer
    4. Cancel


Map Products for Mobile (Alternate)

Using the alternate location for mapping products for mobile allow the operator to scroll locations as well as find what location is currently being held by a selected product Adding a product to a given location:

  1. Use the scroll selections to select the needed location
    • The currently mapped product will be displayed
  2. Using the search input find the correct product to add
    • If the product is currently mapped elsewhere the location will be shown
  3. Select 'Save' to make the entered changes
    • Select 'Save and Print' to confirm changes a print product label from receipt printer


Assign Product Images

Product images can be added using the iPad as well as the Lightspeed administrator page. To add images through the adminstrator page use the following steps:

  1. Use the search dialog to find the needed product
    • Begins with...
    • ...Contains...
    • Search with CODE
  2. After highlighting the needed product select 'Browse' to browse to a folder with the wanted file
  3. When the product image has been selected confirm 'Open' to upload the product image to the Lightspeed database

Product Overrides

Adding a product override through the adminsitrator page allows the operator to create an automated product swap for a given time span. The overrides that are created will apply an automatic one time product swap for all orders that contain the given items
To create a product override complete the following:

  1. Select 'Add New Override'
  2. Using the dialog box complete the following information:
    1. 'Override This Product'
      • Select item that will appear in original order from provider to be overridden
    2. 'Replace With This Product'
      • This item will be picked in place of the original item selected in all applicable orders
    3. 'Effective Date'
      • Beginning pick date for the given override
    4. 'End Date'
      • Final pick date for the override
  • Once the end date passes for this override the original product if on any provider orders will once again show up in the Lightspeed system to be picked

Product Category Filters

Assigning product category filters allow the Lightspeed database to filter all products properly which are included in provider orders. All product categories that are required to be picked must be selected in the proper picking zone.
To complete product category filters complete the following:

  1. Select the Lightspeed Pick Zone to edit
  2. Mark the check box for all product categories that are required in the selected zone
  3. Select 'Save' to confirm these changes to the Lightspeed database


Machine Category Filter

All orders that are downloaded from an order provider are associated with a given machine category. All machine categories are required to be added to a Lightspeed picking zone to be filtered for picking. All machine categories are supplied by the order provider.
To apply machine categories complete the following:

  1. Select the Lightspeed picking zone to adjust filters
  2. Mark the check box for all machine types that are required in the given Lightspeed picking zone
  3. Select 'Save' to confirm all changes

Product Dimensions

Lightspeed provides that additional feature of calculating the required number of containers needed to complete an individual order. All products are required to have valid dimensions entered to complete this. Lightspeed is able to import sizes under certain circumstances.
To enter product sizes through the administrator page complete the following:

  1. Using the filter at bottom search for the needed product
  2. Select 'Edit' to unlock the dimension fields
  3. Input all necessary dimensions
  4. Select 'Save' to confirm additions

Container Dimensions

The Lightspeed system uses all container dimensions to calculate the needed amount of containers fora given order. This can include multiple sizes and volumes.
To add all needed container dimensions complete the following:

  1. Select 'Add New'
  2. Enter container specifics
    • Description
    • Length
    • Width
    • Height
  3. Select 'Save' to confirm container edits

Link Secondary Provider Products

All secondary provider orders use a link between product codes to use a centralized product mapping throughout the warehouse. There are provider specifics which all for automatic linking between providers that a Lightspeed technician can assist with.
To view and edit secondary provider links follow:

  1. Select the needed secondary provider
  2. Select 'Show Filter' to display all search criteria
  3. Search to find needed product to adjust
  4. Select 'Edit' to unlock the product fields
  5. Using the primary provider Product drop down select the correct product to receive the link
  6. Select 'Save' to complete link

Edit Routes

The Edit Routes page show all routes that have been downloaded from all connected providers.

  • For a route to be listed in all procedural list it will need to be marked active in the route list

To activate a route complete the following:

  1. Select 'Edit' for the needed route
  2. Mark the 'Active' check box
  3. Select 'Update' to save changes


Configure Provider/Source

The Configure Provider/Source is used by all Lightspeed technicians to adjust all provider settings and connections. All Information that is required can be covered by a Lightspeed project manager or on call support staff at any time.

Lightspeed Options


Lightspeed Options contains customer specific configurations that are setup by all installation project managers. If any changes are needed they can be adjusted by marking the check boxes as checked/unchecked as well as inputting new data values.
Lightspeed Options Include:

  • Print Barcode on Pick Ticket
If order contains a unique barcode for each order Lightspeed has the ability to print this barcode on each tote ticket
  • Print Short Route Summary (Ticket Printer)
Lightspeed FastTrack will print a summary of locations and amount of totes automatically at completion of each route during picking
  • Print Full Page Pick Tickets (Full Size Printer)
Upon order completion Lightspeed has the ability to print a full page order description if needed
  • Print Large Tote Tags (Full Size Printer)
As an alternative to the standard tote tickets Lightspeed may print a full size version if necessary
  • Print Products without Lights (From the same zone)
A Lightspeed FastTrack order may contain items that are not associated with a light but are in a product category which should be picked. These items show at the end of each order and a separate ticket slip can be printed for these items.
  • Print Products without Lights (From other zones, "greyed out" products)
Any Lightspeed FastTrack order can contain products also filtered to other picking zone. Printing these products will print an additional pick slip for any items not filtered to the FastTrack light zone.
  • Hide Products with Lights (From other zones, "greyed out" products)
All items that are included in a pick order but are filtered to a separate zone will be displayed at the bottom of the pick list in grey text. This option will hide these products from the FastTrack pick screen.
  • Print Swapped Products (FastTrack)
If a product occurs from a one time swap during picking or from a saved override in the admin page a separate slip will be printed to show this information.
  • Print Swapped Prducts (Mobile)
If a swap occurs during mobile picking or entered from product overrides a separate ticket will be sent with this information
  • Print Quantity Changes (FastTrack)
Any quantity changes that occur during picking on the Lightspeed FastTrack system will trigger an additional pick ticket to be printed with this information
  • Use Automated Out-Of-Stock Product Replacement
Activating this feature will allow the 'Out-of-Stock' tab to be visible from the home page
  • Use X-Bin
X-Bin allows for an additional order per route to be picked with extra stock for each truck
  • Sequence Items Using Provider Ordering
If orders providers create an order sequence at order creation Lightspeed is capable of downloading this information along with all orders
  • Require employees to sign in/out
  • By Order
  • By Section
  • Don't Track
  • Default Number of Totes
Lightspeed will set the 'Order Complete' button for the FastTrack pick line to a default quantity. This can always be adjusted while picking on the FastTrack pick line.
  • Delay Between Sections (In Seconds)
A section delay allows for the given time interval to pass before the next orders is lit in each section
  • "Dark" Sections, between orders
A dark sections provides a one section buffer between orders so that no two colors will ever be directly next to one another
  • Maximum number of orders lit at one time
0=no maximum - Lightspeed has the ability to restrict the amount of orders lit at one time to cut down on errors between orders
  • Percentage of machines granted 'High Volume' status
All 'High Volume' machines with display an 'H' in front of all ordered quantities to indicate they are part of the given percentage granted high volume status
  • Manual Order Entry
A manual order can be inputted by the operator - these selections determine the type of order
  • Manual Orders By Machine - Multiple per route
  • Manual Orders By Route - One 'bulk' order per route

Set Open Days

Open days determine the automatic selection for all Lightspeed calendars. If a given day is not selected the Lightspeed system will not account for this as an open day.
To change the selections complete the following

  1. Select all days of the week that are open for picking
  2. Select the number of days in advance orders are assigned to from the order provider
  3. Select 'Save' to confirm days

Pick Zone Edit

Pick zone edit contains information that is zone specific for the Lightspeed system to pick and display orders properly per zone.
Information that can be adjusted includes

  • Zone Name
  • Small (Receipt) Printer Name
  • Full PAge Printer
  • Case Grouping options
  • Case Options
  • Default Mobile Orders
  • Allow Updates
  • Allow Product Swaps

To change any information:

  1. Select 'Edit' for the given zone
  2. Make all changes
  3. Select 'Update' to save information


Pick Incentive Time

Edit Picking Incentive Target

The pick incentive time is displayed on the FastTrack target timer to allow operators to view the estimated time until completion of all selected orders using the total amount of products included in all orders.
To adjust the pick incentive time complete the following:

    1. Go to the Admin Page.
    2. Go to “LightSpeed Settings”.
    3. Go to “Pick Incentive Time”.
    4. Choose the Zone you want to adjust and click “Continue”.
    5. Enter your “Target Items-Per-Hour (Per Person)” and “Current Number of People in this Zone”.
    6. Click Save


All employees need to be added to create a login for the iPad picking system
To add an employee select 'Add New'. The following information is inputted for each employee

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Hourly Rate - Not Required
  • Benefits - Not Required
  • Passcode - 4 Digit Pin
  • RFID Tag - If Applicable
  • Max Mobile Orders - If Needed

Select 'Update' to save changes


Employee Hours

Entering employee hours allows select Lightspeed Reports to break down cost to specific levels. The employee hours page uses all employees added in the previous employee page to be tracked.