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The LightSpeed FastTrack application provides the functionality to pick orders on the lights, and to also make sure all the lights and mapping are correct.


Light Functions

•Show Light Address

All lights will display the number saved to the light's internal memory. example [001 - Light #1]

•Show Gateway Address

Once selected each light will show the gateway number as well as the saved light number. example [2-1 - Gateway #2 Light #1]

•Show Section Numbers

All lights will display the section each lights is assigned. example [SC3 - Section 3]

•Clear All Lights

All lights will be cleared from any function that has been sent through the system.

Check Lights

Checking Lights will run an internal test with all lights to verify proper connection and data flow. The following are responses
•All Product Lights Okay

All product lights are connected and ready for picking

•Product Marked Active Has Non Responding Light

A product that is marked to have an active light did not return a good signal from product light. The product light in error will be highlighted in red and can be found in the light list on the right side of the initialize page.

Employee Assign Sections

If the Lightspeed Option 'Track Picking by Section' is turned on this allows an operator to assign employees to each picking section in the Lightspeed system.
To assign an employee to picking sections complete the following:
•Select employee from list
•Select the section to be assigned
•Use arrows to add or remove employee from section

Add Employee Barcode

The Employee Barcode button will be shown if the Lightspeed option 'Track Order by Employee' is selected and the optional RFID hardware has been installed by a Lightspeed technician. To assign an employee barcode complete the following:
•Select the employee to be edited
•Scan the RFID using the Lightspeed reader
•Save number to employee