Performing a Transfer on the Handheld

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  • In Level, you are able to transfer inventory from your warehouse.
  • you can either transfer these out of your system though "Sale,
"Spoil", etc or you can Transfer item to another Branch.
  • to transfer items, select" Transfers" from the Home Screen

Alt text

  • From here, you are able to either begin a new Transfer or perform an Existing
    • To begin a new tranfer, verify the date and Branch, choose your Destination,
      and select "Create".
    • To continue an Existing Transfer, select The Transfer from The list, and select

Alt text

  • If you are creating a new Transfer, you will then be able to scan or
search for items you wish to Transfer, select the size and quantity,
and select"Save".

Alt text

  • if you are performing an Existing Transfer, you will be able to
scan or search for the item listed, select the size and quantity and
select "Save".
  • Once you have entered all of the items needed for this Transfer,