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Current Status

The Current Status tab shows much of the information that is displayed on the Target Timer.

  • Routes Selected
  • Start Time
  • Estimated Completed Time
  • Estimated Time to Complete
  • Items Remaining

Product Totals by Days

To run the Product Totals by Days report the following selections must be made:

  • Order Date
  • Picking Zone
  • Rounding Threshold (100% = no rounding)

The Product Totals by Days report shows the total amount of each product that is required to fill all orders that have been downloaded into the Lightspeed database.
The report is organized by location mapping throughout the Lightspeed line. All products show the total eaches as well as the breakdown of cases and singles.


Product List

To run the Product List report, select the Picking Zone to be displayed.

This report displays all products in sequence as they appear in the Lightspeed FastTrack or Mobile mapping.


Changed Product

To run the Changed Product Report select the Order Date to be viewed

The Product Change report shows all products that were overridden to another product for the given day in the Lightspeed system.
Each product is shown with the corresponding route, customer, location, and pos where these changes took place.


Product with Changed Quantity

To run the Changed Quantity report select the following values:

  • Order Date
  • Picking Zone - All Zones or Single Zone
  • Route - All Routes or Single Route

This report organizes each product by route that had any variance between the order quantity and the pick quantity.
Each product has a corresponding customer and location while displaying the cases and singles ordered as well as the cases and singles picked.


Product with Zero Quantity

The Product with Zero Quantity report uses a date range to show all products that were zeroed out during the picking process.
Select the Order Date range to run this report.

This report show each product along with the number of orders that were zeroed during picking as well as the Row/Coil count for each product and the total quantity zeroed for each product.

FastTrack Route Cost Summary

The FastTrack Route Cost Summary report displays the price break down for a selected date range by zone using the following inputs

  • Starting Order Date
  • Ending Order Date
  • Number of employees in the Picking Zone
  • Average Hourly Rate

The Cost Summary breaks down all costs down to the cost per unit being picked from the selected Lightspeed Pick Zone


Route Summary by Zone


The Lightspeed Automation 'Route Summary by Zone' allows the operator to view all products and progress in a given zone for any needed order date or date period.
By selecting the date range on the selection calendars and the needed zone the following information will be displayed:

  • Route Description
  • Start Time
  • End Time - If completed
  • Time Picking - Total time spent actively picking the individual route
  • Number of Distinct
  • Customers
  • Locations
  • Machines
  • Totes
  • Ordered Quantity
  • Singles
  • Cases
  • Picked Quantity
  • Singles
  • Cases
  • No Light Quantity
  • Singles
  • Cases
  • Each Picked Per
  • Machine
  • Hour
  • Tote

Route Detail by Zone


The 'Route Detail by Zone' report displays all Lightspeed orders as a pick list with all ordered products and quantities as well as picked quantities if completed. If 'Show All Zones' are selected each order will display the entire order separated by individual zone orders.
Order specific information includes:

  • Customer Description
  • Machine Description
  • Machine Code

The Lightspeed system adds the following information to allow for accountability and tracking:

  • Start Time
  • Completed Time
  • Tickets Printed
  • Pick Date
  • Employee Assigned to picked product - If tracking activated
  • Confirmed Pick Quantities - Singles and Cases

Tote Summary by Route

The 'Tote Summary by Route' report allows the operator to print a single report to show all totes that were packed for a given route.

  • To display the Tote Summary by Route report select the needed 'Order Date' from the Lightspeed Calendar

Lightspeed displays the following information for accountability and tracking:

  • Customer Description
  • Machine Description
  • Machine Number
  • Number of Totes

Tote per route will be shown per route as well as per zone inside of the displayed route


Eight Week Product Report

The Eight Week Product Report displays all product totals that have been picked through the Lightspeed system over the eight weeks prior to the selected date.
All items will be organized by product category received from the connected order provider. The information displayed will include:

  • Product Category
  • Product Description
  • Weekly Totals
  • Picked
  • Bring Backs
  • Net Total


Product Totals by Route

An operator may run the Product Totals by Route report to display a breakdown of product usage for a given day per route. To run select the needed order date. All routes will be displayed per page.
Information included in the report includes:

  • Route Description
  • Product Description
  • Product Code
  • Ordered Singles
  • Picked Singles
  • Ordered Cases
  • Picked Cases


Product Ranking by Zone

The Product Ranking by Zone report gives the operator the ability to view the highest and lowest moving items in a given zone. All totals are calculated by Lightspeed pick totals over a selected amount of time.
To view the Product Ranking Report complete the following

  1. Select the needed Lightspeed pick zone
  2. Select the number of days history to pull
  3. Show Top
    • This selection will adjust the amount of products with the highest warehouse movement
  4. Show Bottom
    • This selection will adjust the amount of products with the lowest warehouse movement
  5. Select 'Run Report'

The report will be broken down into Top Products and Bottom products using the amount specified.
Lightspeed will display the following information for inspection

  • Product Description
  • Lightspeed Mapping Location
  • Total Quantity pick over the entered timeframe

Product Picked by Date Range

The Product Picked by Date Range report allow the operator to select various options to see the total amount of product ordered and picked through the Lightspeed pick system over a selected period of time.
To view the report complete the following:

  1. Select a Starting Order Date
  2. Select an Ending Order Date
  3. Select the desired Lightspeed pick zone
    • Select 'All Zones' to view all items in the warehouse
  4. Select the needed Route(s)
    • Using Ctrl+Left Click the operator can select multiple routes
    • Select 'All Routes' to view all
  5. Select the product category to be viewed
    • Select 'All Categories' to view all

The Lightspeed report will break down the resulting data using the following:

  • Product Picking Zone
  • Product Category
  • Product Description
  • Product Code
  • Total Ordered
  • Total Picked
  • Singles Picked
  • Cases Picked

Product Returns by Route

Lightspeed Automation allows product returns to be processed through the Lightspeed Mobile application, Lightspeed FastTrack as well as through the Administrator page.
To view these returns quantities complete the following:

  1. Select the Start Date
  2. Select the End Date
  3. Select the needed zone
    • Select 'All zones' to view all
  4. Select the needed route
    • Option available to suppress zeros to view only non zero quantities

All returns will be broken down by the following:

  • Lightspeed Pick Zone
  • Product Category
  • Product Description
  • Product Code
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Quantity Picked
  • Quantity Returned through Lightspeed

Employee Picks by Zone

To view the employee Picks by Zone select the 'Picking Date' used for the Lightspeed pick systems
Light Picks by Zone report displays as follows:

  • Each pick zone represented will be separated from one another
  • Employee Name
  • First pick time in the given zone
  • Last pick time in the given zone
  • Items Picked (Singles)
  • Total active pick time in the Lightspeed Pick zone


Employee Time - Hourly Summary

Selecting any pick date will display all employee activity for that given date.
Analyzing the hourly summary report:

  1. All employees that were active will be listed alphabetically
  2. Each hour period throughout the pick day displays the activity
    1. Total pick time
    2. Total idle time
    3. Total orders picked
  3. Daily totals include
    1. Running picks per hour
    2. Average picks per hour
  4. Company wide picks per hour displayed


Employee Time by Zone/Route

Lightspeed reporting can break down each employee time by zone and route when selecting a given picking date.
The report displays the following information for tracking employee productivity:

  1. Employee Name
  2. All pick zones that were actively picked
  3. All routes in each zone picked
  4. First pick time
  5. Last Pick Time
  6. Clock Time - Total time between First and Last pick
  7. Pick Time - total time actively picking


Full Page Pick Sheets

Full page pick sheets can be automatically printed at the completion of each Lightspeed order. To print pick sheets through the administrator page select the following:

  1. Order Date for all needed orders
  2. Needed Route
  3. Select 'Run Report' to generate all pick sheets

All pick sheets will be displayed as an individual page

  • All sheets can be exported or printed via the Lightspeed Administrator page


Products Without Lights

The products without lights report uses a selected range of order dates to show all items that were included in a Lightspeed order that were not assigned to a light in the Lightspeed FastTrack zone
To run the Products Without Lights report complete the following:

  1. Using the calendars select a 'Starting Date' and 'Ending Date' for Lightspeed to display
    • All dates use the Order Date for selection
  2. Select 'Run Report' to process request

All products shown will use the following for description

  • Product Category
  • Product Code
  • Product Description

Unmapped Products

The unmapped product report shows all items that are in a product category that is assigned to a given zone which are not mapped to a product location or light number. To run the unmapped product report complete the following:

  1. Select the Lightspeed Pick zone
  2. Confirm 'Continue'

The unmapped report displays all products using the following

  • Product Code
  • Product Description
  • Product Category