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To enter the order selection page select 'Pick Orders' from the LSMobile home page.
The Order Select page contains information on pick settings including:

  • Selected Pick Zone
Pressing the current pick zone will return the picker to the LSMobile homepage to adjust the picking zone
  • Order Date
Order Date can be adjusted by pressing the current date and using the pop-up list to scroll to desired date
  • Selected Order Group
  • Current Printer
To change the selected printer the operator can press the listed printer and use the pop-up list to select from the available Lightspeed printers
  • Picked Today
LSMobile will display the average number of orders picked per hour by the logged in employee
  • Start Time
The picking application displays the time of the first order picked for the given orderdate

Start Picking

An operator can select the desired Order Group and begin picking by completing the following:

  1. Confirm the proper order date is selected
  2. Select the desired order group by pressing directly on the desired route to highlight the route
    • All order groups display the Route Description Lightspeed receives from the order provider(s)
    • Routes with available orders to be picked will be displayed in Red Text
    • Routes with no available orders to be picked will be displayed in Grey Text
  3. After the proper Order Group is selected the operate selects Start Picking and the mobile application will continue into the picking screens
    • An operator has the option of using the 'Order Select' feature which displays the total order list to allow the picker to select the order to pick for all locations
      • If 'Order Select' is not being used Lightspeed will automatically sort the orders
      • To select the orders to be picked check the red X to change the icon to a green check
      • Once the desired orers are selected the employee selects 'Pick' in the top right and LSMobile will move to the picking stage

Commands and Additional Features

  1. Total Orders
    • When an Order Group is highlighted the Total Orders available will be displayed
    • Pressing the Total Orders button displays each order for the selected route group
    • Selecting an order will display all order details available for that order in the selected zone
  2. Picking Now
    • When orders have been assigned to employees to be picked the total quantity will then be displayed next to the Picking Now icon
    • To view the assigned orders select the Picking Now button
    • The complete list of orders in picking will be displayed with the following information
      • Assigned Employee
      • Route Description
      • Order Number
  3. Picked Orders
    • Selecting the 'Picked Orders' icon returns the order list of all orders that have completed picking
    • By selecting an individual order the operator has the ability to perform the following tasks
    1. View the Details of the picked order
    2. View Zone Details for the order
      • Zone details displays all picking zones that the order has been filtered to for picking as well as employee assignment, order size and pick time
    3. Print Detail
      • Selecting 'Print Detail' will print a receipt which will contain all location information as well as all product quantities ordered and picked.
  4. Check for Orders
    • If zero orders are available for picking selecting 'Check for Orders' will trigger the Lightspeed database to connect to the corresponding order provider to check for additional orders
  5. Return
    • The 'Return' function will return to the LSMobile homepage for function selection