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At the Lightspeed Mobile App home page the operator can select 'Product Pictures' to make the product selection box available.
To assign a product image complete the following:

  1. Using the search dialog at the top of the box enter the product description and select 'Search'
  2. Highlight the needed product
  3. Select the camera icon to the bottom left of the product description
  4. Make a selection for where an image should be received
    1. Choose A Photo
      • Choosing a photo will load the iPad's internal camera roll to load a picture
    2. Take A Photo
      • Taking a photo will load the iPad's camera and allow an operator to save a product image directly from the warehouse stock
      • After taking product picture selecting 'Use Photo'confirms the image and saves to the Lightspeed database
  5. When all product images have been completed select 'Done' to return to the Lightspeed home page