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The Lightspeed Mobile application picking screen contains information to inform the operator of speed and status throughout the day of picking as seen in

  1. Start Time
    • The start time records the time the first item from the selected orders were picked
  2. Route Description
    • The LMSobile application displays the Route/Order Group description that is selected for picking
  3. Order Progress Bar
    • The order progress bar shows the percentage completed of the orders that have been selected at this time - 4 Orders Pictured
  4. Elapsed Time
    • The elapsed time will show the total time that has been spent on the selected orders for picking
  5. Employee Name
    • The LSMobile application will display the employee named that is currently logged into the system

Individual Order Description

The example order screen to the right shows 4 orders being picked simultaneously

  • The LSMobile picking application uses the warehouse mapping to display one item at a time guiding the picker through the order
  • The orders shows currently display Brookside Pomegranate (1006)
  • All product descriptions and codes are downloaded directly from all order providers
  • Each order is given a separate color to allow the picker to easily distinguish between orders and separate them accordingly during picking
  • All order information is displayed including:
  • Order Number
  • Location Description
  • Location Barcode
  • Total items included in the order - Ordered and Picked

Picking Procedure

Once an operator selects 'Start Picking' from the previous page the selected orders become active. A picker may proceed through picking orders using the following steps:

  1. Verify the proper product to be picked
    • Lightspeed used the description and product code from provider
    • The LSMobile app displays a product picture to assist in proper product identification
    • The product mapping location is displayed using the warehouse layout - Pictured as - Rack A-Selection 1-Row A-Location 2
  2. Pick the required amount of itmes
    • All selected orders display the amount of the given item that are needed for each order
    • As displayed - The red order is calling for 4 and the three additional orders require zero
    • Pressing the number ordered confirms that ordered quantity and creates a Green Check to show completed
    • Once items all orders have been confirmed the green next arrow will illuminate to allow the picker to continue to the next product

Print Tote Tickets

Once the selected orders have confirmed all required products the Print Screen will appear
An operator may complete the following steps to print all needed tickets

  1. Adjust quantity to needed value
    • Each order shows the corresponding color that was displayed during picking
    • Using the up and down arrows scroll to the desired amount of tickets to be printed
  2. Press the number on each order to confirm and print all tote tickets
  3. To return to the order selection screen to continue picking select the 'Done Printing' button

Additional Print Page Commands

The print screen contains the additional functionality listed below:

  • Change the selected printer
  • Press the current printer selected ('Epson' Pictured)
  • Select the desired printer from the pop-up scroll list
  • Order detail - View and Print
  • Select the 'Order Details' link
  • All order details are shown for the selected order
  • Select Print detail or select Done to return
  • Zone Picking Status
  • Selecting the Zone Picking Status displays all zones that the selected order have been filtered to as well as the picking status for each of the returned zones