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The Lightspeed Mobile application can be found in the iPad icon tray at the bottom of the iPad's home screen. For the app to be able to access the Lightspeed database the following must be confirmed:

  1. A Lightspeed technician has made a license available
  2. The iPad is connected to a wireless network
    1. The default for a Lightspeed installation is the 'LSMobile' network
    2. This can be found by entering the main settings on the iPad and selecting 'Wi-Fi' to view networks
  3. The iPad is configured to point to the Lightspeed database
    1. After entering the main settings icon on the iPad the 'LSMobile' icon will appear in the left list of applications
    2. The 'URL' will be the static-ip of the Lightspeed server

Logging in to the LSMobile App

To log into the LSMobile picking application the operator must complete the following:

  1. Enter the Employee 4 digit login
  2. Select 'Login'

The LSMobile login page contains information that can verify connection status including:

  1. Wifi connection - The antenna icon in the top left of the ipad screen
  2. LCMobile version number - 3.6 Pictured
  3. IP address assigned to the iPad - '' Pictured
  4. IP address where the application can connect to the Lightspeed database - '' Pictured
  5. iPad name used for the Lightspeed database - 'iPad' Pictured

Select Picking Zone


To Select the desired picking zone the operator completes the following:

  1. Press the current zone selected - 'Xpress Snack' Pictured
  2. Use the pop-up list the scroll to the desired pick zone
  3. Press any location outside of the list to confirm the change