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The Lightspeed Mobile application allows the operator to easily create and edit mapping for all products being picked throughout the warehouse using Lightspeed Mobile picking

  • The Lightspeed database displays locations using Rack, Section, Row and Location
  • All products will also display any product pictures that have been added

All picking progresses through the warehouse using the following:

  • Rack:A,B,C...
  • Section:1,2,3...
  • Location:1,2,3...
  • Row:A,B,C...
  1. Lightspeed will pick all of Rack A before entering Rack B
  2. Section 1 will be completed before entering section 2
  3. Lightspeed will pick by Location
    • All products with Location 1 in a given section
    • Followed by all products with Location 2 etc...

Creating Mapping Locations

To create a product mapping location use the following steps:

  1. To create the necessary warehouse RACK location select 'New Rack'
    • The Lightspeed database will begin with 'Rack A'
    • Once the needed racks have been created select the rack that will be mapped
  2. Add the needed SECTIONS inside of the given Rack
    • Select 'New Section' to create multiple picking sections
    • Selecting the needed section will expand the Rows and Locations inside of the specific section
  3. Build ROWS needed for the specific picking section
    • To add an additional picking row select 'New Row'
    • All rows will be added vertically with 'Row A' being the lowest row
  4. Add product LOCATIONS for each row
    • In the needed row select 'New Location' to expand the location list
    • The Location list will display from left to right all created locations

Assigning Product Locations

To assign a product a mapping location an operator may find the location and then add the product using the following:

  1. Enter into the desired Zone
  2. Select the needed rack from the listing of created picking Racks
    • Once the rack is selected the available sections will be displayed
  3. Select the section of the picking area that will have product added
    • After selecting the zone all rows and currently mapped products will be displayed
  4. Scroll to the needed location and press the individual location
  5. Using the pop-up product search the operator can find the needed product by searching with the product description
  6. After finding the needed product confirming the 'Select' button adds the product to the mapping