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Get or Refresh Provider Orders

All orders that are created in any order provider must be downloaded into the Lightspeed database to be available for picking. All routes from all order providers are organized in one route list.
To download provider orders complete the following

  1. Select the desired routes by the following
    • Mark all check boxes to create selection
    • Select 'All Routes'
  2. Select the order date to be downloaded
    • This date refers to the order date attached via the order provider
  3. Select 'Get Orders' to download all orders


Refresh Provider Lists

Refreshing provider lists ensures all data in the Lightspeed database is up to date from all order providers. This process must be completed to sync all databases.
The following lists can be refreshed seperately

  • Product List
  • Product Category List
  • Machine Category List
  • Route List
  • Warehouse List
  • Barcode List
  • Product Sizes List

All lists can be refreshed by selecting:

  • Refresh All Lists


Edit Existing Orders

All order quantities can be adjusted before the Lightspeed order has been picked
The following steps allow and operator to edit an existing order:

  1. Select the order date for the provider order
  2. Select the Lightspeed picking zone
  3. Select the route the needed order is assigned to
  4. Using the drill down menu find the needed order
  5. Edit all needed quantities using the expanded fields
    • All unpicked items will show no value in the 'Singles Picked' and 'Cases Picked'
    • Click into the desired 'Ordered' field and enter the new value
  6. To confirm all changes exit the field

Enter Returns

Lightspeed allows returns to be entered through the Lightspeed mobile application as well as through the administrator page.
complete the following steps to enter returns through the administrator page

  1. Select the order date for items returning to the warehouse
  2. Select the corresponding route
    1. Once selected all products ordered for the given route will be displayed
  3. Enter products as returned
    • Select 'Edit' to unlock data fields
    • Enter the amount returned in the the 'Bring Back Qty' field
  4. Select 'Update' to save the returned product

Sequence Mobile Orders

All orders that are filtered to a Lightspeed Mobile picking zone can be organized manually by an operator through the administrator page.
To receive the order list complete the following:

  1. Select the order date for the needed route
  2. Select the mobile picking zone to be adjusted
  3. Select the Lightspeed order Route
  4. Confirm 'Get Orders' to populate the order list

To adjust the order sequence complete the following:

  1. Find the needed order using the information displayed
    • Customer Description
    • Location
    • Machine
  2. Click and hold to select the order
  3. Drag the selected order to the proper order in the sequence

All orders will be picked first to last from top to bottom in the order sequence page

Provider Updates

Lightspeed offers the administrative feature which allows the operator to resend all order information back to all order providers in the case of failed receipt by order provider.
To resend any COMPLETED order information complete the following:

  1. Select the order date assigned to the needed order
  2. Select the route attached to the compelted order
  3. Mark the needed order(s) as selected
    • Select an individual order
    • Select 'All Orders'
  4. Confirm the order(s) have been selected
    • The total number of orders will be displayed
  5. Select 'Send Order' to resend all pick information